Does it suds like Sudsils?


Stuttering, Muttering & Suffering

 Did the Earth Move for You?


This is one of those situations that brings out the worst of human nature, like Oprah, myself and the millions of infatuated love women out there who looks back and ponder shamelessly, 'what the hell was I not thinking' - disgracing myself over a man, of course, putting things in perspective, you will be forgiven for such childish behavior because you were young and stupid.











These days my standard of measure is that I am not going to hackle myself too tough over a man, not driving more than ten miles to exchange splits, and I am not spending money on 'catch a man and hold him paraphernalia' It's like ' you waant it, tek it, if not galang bout yuh bizness'. Getting old is a bitch, don't know how dem cougars do it. What can I say, men have the finger test; I have the soap test, that is, 'is he worth the soap of washing drippy panties"......




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