Pull your finger out.....

 Stuttering, Muttering & Suffering

......and put your head in


A woman will be 'in to a man' and because of all his shit, his damn bag and baggage that tie him down, this woman is going to hang on for a while and just as the man misses a quint, another man just swoop in and grab her, the one good thing that ever happened in his life....if you think you are that man....wake up and do something before something do you!!!













Every pucking blow hard is a marriage counselor, fixer, or whatever you call it, in my book, once a man starts with the platitudes out of guilt, and If I have to put on my goggles; hyenaized my shrill laughter; and go deafeningly silent, then it does not take two brain cells to clue him in that he is pucked!

Consider yourself pucking lucky that I give you a like on Facebook, really! A comment now that's the gold standard, then that means that I had to pause and sedate my fingers. Thanks for asking, my demons meh, myself and I are under control for the moment!


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