Copyright that before......

Everything in "context" Let's just say men are not as good as woman are on all three counts. Even more exacting, there are women who can hear a man's lying lips a mile away, so men shouldn't attempt to even try to con the cons, here!


Main Rules in a Relationship!

Don’t lie, Don’t cheat and Don’t make promises you can’t keep

Let's say the Olympic opening British ceremony was not my cup of tea. It just did not get me excited, to be honest, I felt the way the queen looked. I certainly did not want to tear my clothes off and run naked into the streets......More about celebrating death rather than life!

There's just something kill joy about this year. I am not feeling the American election fever and worst of all I am spooked by that English Olympic funeral ceremony....bad omen....this is where a nice dip in the salty Caribbean sea would come in handy!




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