I wish we were better strangers....


Stuttering, Muttering & Suffering

        I'm not your type, I'm not inflatable


If you ask me, "Etta, as a so called Jamaican export, what is it that you absolutely and unequivocally get disgusted about" and I would have to say a 'loser man', a 'maarma man' or a 'mampi man' and I have no idea of the nuance between the three. I just cannot stand or have no respect for a man who lets a woman be the puppet master of his balls.













I can tell you without a doubt that a ball-less and spineless man will not be scenting the sea breeze off my 'front' from a mile, much less to be drowning in it. A man must be a man, period!

The words that cut the deepest are the ones closest to the truth. You know that you are a loser, but to hear it comes out of a loved one’s mouth is....


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