Brain dump stirs the dust!

Thus, it goes without saying that a lot of reading books will fall into the really bad category by default.

Scribbles: I get frustrated with people who don’t keep their words, who don’t mean what they say or say what they mean. If a person cannot follow through with their word being their bond, how can there be expectations of trust and credibility? Also, I have no respect for people, who tries really hard to make me look stupid. In such instances, I don’t get frustrated; I just simply ‘blank’ them!
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Scribbles: Dear teacher, I would like to ask you a question, why did you choose teaching if a steady pay check was your primary motive rather than the love of fertilizing a pupil’s mind?

Scribbles - Dear teacher, there is something that you need to know; high school is the game changer for adolescents. Suffice it to say, those students that get something meaningful out of this pubescent experience, will without a doubt, progress, not necessarily advance to tertiary education, but would have mastered the basic critical thinking skills to enable them to innovate, envision and create. Needless to say, the corollary is also true
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Scribbles: When I turn 16, in dog years, of course! Better still, on a mile marker on the way to Key West, Florida. If you really want to exact your revenge on someone who did you wrong, do take this drive! Some adults still see that impressionable sweet sixteen teenager looking back at them in the mirror, not me, sorry! I have had my chance and I look forward to multiples of 16 instead.
#travel, #chill, #fun, #liveforthemoment, #pleasure, #adulthood, #teenagers, #lifelessons

Scribbles: When I become an adult this is what I will be like – Sadly, things never work out the way we hope them to be, as what is in our heads coupled with our experiences turns out completely different to our actual reality. Hence, survival reigns supreme and there are scars to prove it. Life happens! Life changes and you have no choice but to change with it too!
#dreams, #ambitions, #goals, #setbacks, #adversity, #badluck, #chances, #opportunity

Scribbles: My future wife, I will not rule out the possibility of having one or many. I will not be bound by either God’s or man’s laws. I refuse to be controlled by the status quo.
#samesexmarriage, #samesexparenting, #lesbians, #freedom, #conspiracy, #sheeple



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