It's not electric, it's eclectic!

 Listen, restricting myself from cursing bad words is like chaining a pig with linked sausages, need I say more. It's who I am and it's the fabric of my being. Grant you, my parents never ever cursed, but I, a logosphile, I learnt to colorize my thoughts from absorbing every spoken words uttered straight out the mouths of the helpers and gardeners, as a young child growing up properly Jamaica.

However, I am not going to trivialize the fact that driving in Jamaica did not exacerbate my compulsive need to use profanity. I take responsibility for my actions, but I just don't give a hoot! You can take the girl out of the 'mental big yard'; you can't take the 'mental big yard' out of the girl. 


If you take time to send someone a love song and that person don't bother to say anything about it, or reciprocated in sending you one.....a big red flag, that person is just not into you! Besides, why reinvent the wheel when Youtube says it best!.....the common denominator for attraction, that is, love, lust or just desperation!


And one day you will meet that person, not a twenty three year old, that will turn your inner sanctum upside down....that person will stir feelings that you did not know that you have or existed.

At this stage of the game, I am a woman of very few words; life is too short; you will not change; putting myself back on the shelf is going to rough, but I am not willing to settle for misery anymore!


It's bloody time Facebook grows up, me is a damn der big woman, turning my own key and pushing my own door, need I mention, working the roto rooter that's not even mine. That said, any way you slice it, the members on this social media are not kids, so censoring the word beer is just pucked up stupid!


Well, I get what the duck get. Or, should I say, I want what the duck got, just not from any man over thirty-five, that ship has sailed and now sunk. So for breedable purposes, with head in hand, please have a certified copy of birth certificate in the other. Caveat! I am a genes selector. Hence, if you have the slightest inkling of bad breed genetics in blood line, madness, ugliness and or dunceness in family traits, NUH even badda knock pon mi door!!!!  Father’s Age Is Linked to Risk of Autism and Schizophrenia


Hey, the day you don't feed man's best friend, he will certainly no longer be your best friend! 

I would give him a hug, if I could find him, my last thug comment have him chasing the green eyed monster.....So, I am thinking, I am either going to get the shyte pucked out of my brain or I ain't  gonna get all!


Love the group ABBA, so clean and tidy - The days of pure unadulterated innocence, exactly why we wanted to grow up before our time is unfathomable, and now children of the flower power era yearn for nothing more than those carefree nostalgia...









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