It's time for my medication, huh!

And please don't confuse the act of begging with the art of negotiation, just because you are too stupid to discern the difference! You are not going to beg, who the puck ask or wants you to beg?



Why people would consider my artistry of self-expression as angry verbiage, a misinterpretation to say the very least and ignorance at bliss. I don't write for people to agree with me, how can they? I take the road not traveled and I am a contrarian. I write to give pause, for people to think and most importantly to be entertained.

The question is, why don't you have a pucking thought in your head to share. If expressing yourself was a requirement to the promise land, would your place be assured?......


Who writes this shyte? A lover is not a best friend, a brother or sister. A lover is that proverbial forbidden fruit, that's riddle with mystery and the element of surprise. In other words, to experience the height of heights is to steal something we cannot out of body experience!

I have no problems with homosexual relationships. As a matter of fact, they are some of the nicest people you would ever hope to meet. However, I find that majority of homosexuals have two moods that's either on or off.

Hence, you have to be walking on egg shells when you are around them at all times, and since I am a woman with psycho tendencies and living on the edge, I can do without other people's obsessive compulsiveness.

I have been friends with a gay couple for years, and I am yet to ask them if they are gay and they have never shared that information with me either. Maybe, I don't want to know or not as progressive as I fool myself to believe.



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