If music be the food of love, play on

All this text book shyte of ethical theories is so unnerving. You think when people are faced with a pucking ethical dilemma that they don't grapple with it to ad nauseaum, the false choice of either or. When you have your boss with a hot iron rod up your arse conflicting with your beliefs of right and wrong and you are barely meeting Maslow's first three basic hierarchy  needs, let me know how that worked out for you? You betcha! Now, the question of unadulterated greed and narcissistic behavior is a whole different story, those people should be fried, plain and simply! What are their excuses?


By now, the idiot, the imbecile and the moron and all other lowest common denominator of intelligence, knows for whatever reason, that I play by own rules, and it's your prerogative to interpret this statement any way that you want. First and last rule of the game, I don't do the personal stuff on any level, whether on or off Social Media. Now, the details of my


hole is free for all, it's just another hole, taken separately, let's be real here, no man is going to shout it from a mountain top, " That's Etta's hole, he who feels it, knows it! it chews" However, taken as a whole, am I a queynte of a different order, I will give you that. Look, friends and family are kept locked in my basement, and from time to time, one will attempt to escape and try to get back at me and write a tale out of school. That said, let's keep the mystique rolling!



As a foreign import in the United States, the first thing you will learn is that you cannot let Americans know your business, the world will not only know about it, but as soon as Big Brother knocks on their doors, these people start singing like a canary.


"I don't know" is not in their lexicon when it comes to minding other people's business while theirs is well spoil. If you think I am in jest, just watch an episode of Cops to see exactly what I am talking about.....absolutely amazing.  And if you think it's only black people back bite, think again!.......bloody hell....it's human nature!






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