Don't you just love New York City!

So if you just accidentally happen to be sauntering the streets of the Big Apple willy nilly like a dry land tourist or a topponarist fashionista, take heed, and not parade the streets of New York City, chugging along in that fake Fendi watch or sophisticratch knock off Jimmy Choo shoes, not to mention that one size fits all heng pon nail, Micky Mouse t-shirt.


Case in point, many moons ago, Hale Berry’s predecessor spoke person for Revlon was plucked out of the crowd on the streets of New Your City while going about her own business in a plain ole dingy t shirt and washed out jeans that went with that thing called grunge back in the eighties.


 Look, this is a classic testament that you either have it or you don’t. Don’t hurt your head, but there are not so mere mortals among us, who look simply sumptuous in a shroud, thus, you just never know when lady luck will cast a shadow before the fat lady sings.


Listen, the other dreadful and temperamental thing about being a transient in New York City is that the day, yes Lord, the very day that you are not in your Sunday’s best, rummaging for the hundred dollar bill that you inadvertently thrown in the garbage bin. Needless to say, is the very day, that you hear a shrill voice from your distance past hollowing out your former name at the top of their lungs, and of course, you pretended that it’s not you, how could it be.? Can you hear your dying tribulation on trial from the town whence you came? 



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