Whose graph is it, anyway?


The dependent variable, (y2) = Leverage that encompasses the transference of skills; Independent variable, (x) = the hard learned technical skills set; and the constant, C = curiosity/Idea {creativity, communication, charisma, conviction, courage, character, competent, common sense, crisis} = soft skills set, that is, getting ahead.


Listen, some people go through an entire lifetime without an inkling of bourn curiosity, needless to say, some of these people are learned academic achievers, hence, nothing more than glorified taught regurgitating reactors.




So here we are, in a bind with the chicken or the egg circumstances, do people learn to think critically, or do they critically think to learn? Yet, one would think that if you are going up a down escalator, it would be behooving to wonder, what is the bloody chicken doing crossing the road, getting away from Kentucky, maybe?




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