The tea of life.....

Look, most times than not, some people wonder why they cannot get a break without stopping to make sense of it all. Say you have two tea settin

gs, one in which the tea cup is turned up and the other in which the tea cup is turned down. Serendipitously, you chose the tea cup that is turned up. Let’s say in this scenario, that the human element represents life.  Consequently, you find yourself at the bottom of the cup without tea leaves to cushion the blows. Time and time again, you would crawl your way to the cup’s rim, while hanging on to dear life; only for your feet to let you down by not gaining traction, and once more, you are back where you started.



If only a tea bag would come your way to give you a spot of hope, but instead, you have the misfortune of boiling hot steeped tea poured on you. The question is, are you going to give up, or give yourself another fighting chance?  Bloody hell, you are a survivor and you have contemplated your mistakes and learnt from them, thereby, any small window of opportunity that opens, you are going to seize and escape inevitability. Providence comes, when milk or sugar is added to the cup of tea, then stirred with a spoon. Needless to say, if life does not take milk or sugar, then you have to deal with the card that you are dealt. Thus, the question remains what if you had chosen the other cup?



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