There are more questions than answers.....

11.What is the pursuit of happiness?12.Is religion the answer?

13.Where is the line in the sand?

14.Would you want to turn back the hands of time?

15.What are your goals?

16.Why do you have no will at all?

17.Do you believe in destiny?

18.Why are you afraid of being alone?

19.Why do you settle?

20.Why do you have a penchant to always do the right thing?





21.Will winning the lottery solve all your problems?

22.Why can’t you see that you've won the lottery?

23.What are your fears?

24.Why can’t you be grateful for small mercies?

25.Do you accept your lot in life?

26.Why do you ask so much of yourself?

27.Why do you carry so much hate in your heart?

28.Why can’t you forgive and forget?

29.Why do you resent others for what they have?

30.Why do you have to lie to survive?

 31.Why do you self destruct? and Why can't you be depended on?

32.Is greed good?

33.Why it is your kids can’t do any wrong?

34.Why do you prefer one kid over the other?

35.Why do you 

pick a fight with your mate?

36.Why do people 


37.Why are you not in control?


38.When will life give you a break?

39.When will you learn from your bad experiences?

40.Why haven’t you given back?





41.    Why do you keep lying to yourself?

42.Why can’t you accept your limitations?


43.    Why do you feel a need to control others?

44.    What are your alternatives?

45.    What do you have to lose, and is it worth it?

46.    Where’s your curiosity about things

47.    Why can’t you accept things for what they are?

48.    Why do you not listen?

49.    Why do you refuse to change

50. What have I done with my life?





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