What the hell was I not thinking?

I am too old at worst, and have no time at best, to be in the hook-up business, I graciously leave that to the cougars and younger people.

Look, I am going give you a general outline of what I am about, you can connect the dots and come up with what mental picture you care to observe as to whether you see an animal, mineral or vegetable, of which pizza is now classified as a vegetable. The rest of the picture we will table as you say ‘face to face’ meeting.

Here is the thing, in this day and digital age when even the dog has some gadget with a camera, I have no choice but to come clean, yes, that picture is old and I am going to send you even older ones for now.

Admittedly, I have a weight problem and there’s no way I am going to send you a picture of me looking like a pig, by the way, I have many strengths, but my one lifetime weakness - Hercules heel is controlling  my ever yo-yo weight.

This is not something I am proud of or like to talk about, can you understand that? The good news is that I am currently working on losing the weight. Also, my age is something I never talk about, but I can assure that you and I are in the same age range, or shall I say children of the sixties.

Consider this piece of confession, I have no idea why I wrote that message on your wall, I am a person that takes responsibility for my action, but this one I have to blame it on some higher powers – my fingers made me do it.

I was even more surprised that you cared to respond and most pleasantly surprised that you emailed me. Maybe on some level, I was hoping that the little spat or tiff I had with Mr Big would solicit some kind of sympathy from you and it did – I can tell you if I had anything to do with this connection we’ve made, it would have been a disaster by now, thus, I am going with divine intervention on this one. 



If this is meant to be a relationship with a blessing, I am happy for that, since I am too lazy and energy zapped to even try to put myself on the shelf so to speak – Like millions of women as myself, keeping dates with the refrigerator is the non-stressed option of dealing with something – We’ve all been there, done that where dating is concerned



Take note, I am not in steady relationship and I have no children. I get the feeling that you are not in a relationship also, or in one but not quite certain where it’s going. I think we are at the stage of our lives that we are looking pretty much for the same things; some semblance of stability; someone to be there or put more succinctly, to build the the second leg of the journey with someone that shares the same values and goals.


We both been through the buy one chair to day and the next chair tomorrow, and maybe someday we will have a full dinette set, you get my drift.

You are a delicious looking guy, so I know women are a dime a dozen for you to get, obviously, you are looking for something more.

Tell me, who out there is without bags and baggage, no one? I am about using the past only to correct mistakes not to dwell on the would have, could have, should have been. In the end, only a fool breaks his own heart doing just that. 

Thereby, the only purpose the past has to me, is to learn from them and not repeat them in the future. The present is for both of us to lose.

Can you afford not to seize this opportunity?

Keeping it real, 

Virtual Girl



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