The Teenage Virgin

The Teenage Virgin

In observing debates with former schoolmates it brought me back to a time in my final year of high school when I was exposed to competitive debating and given a perspective that I did not believe in to argue for points, (no pun intended) and ultimately win. It exposed me to the concept of arguing points just to win them. rather than believing in them. Outside of competitive debating, I have never supported such a concept and prefer to have my arguments align with my beliefs. I have decided to share some of my thoughts on the commentary put forth by my former schoolmates with some what of a different take.

Sick Things
For reference sake...The latest discussion was centered around the acceptance or rejection of a belief that the Creator or a God (as some believe), sired a 12 year old virgin so that he could be born on Earth and be amongst beings he created.

A posted video of an 11 year old preacher Hilton Rawls III triggered the discussion. Out of the hundreds of uplifting words delivered in the message to his generation by the young preacher, an atheist and agnostic chose to zero in on one line. "Mary the Mother of Jesus was between 12 and 14 years old..." One atheist said, “Looks like God liked them young.” An agnostic replied, "Apparently so… but Christians can/will overlook such things; none of their business? There are some sick things that are permitted that I still can’t wrap my head around.”

The problem is not that some on earth believe in (modified) writings by man that have been allegedly translated from Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English to state that a God who created all things including them, went through a complex and elaborate process to have his Holy Spirit impregnate (what is considered in Western culture as) a teenage girl of his creation so that he himself could live in the womb of a teenage virgin for 9 months, until he was born in a manger with cows, donkeys or “ASSES” to then one day be a profound scholar at the age of 12, before growing up to walk on water, turn water into wine, feed five thousand and die for their sins, so that they can be saved from "HELL" and return to him who created him, after spending 3 days in a tomb, to then reveal that he is alive and conquered death as a human etc etc...(The word HELL was highlighted because it is the first 4 letters of HELLAS, which is the former name of Greece, that created HELL on earth for the Hellenized Hebrews and was determined to destroy their culture and religion. If anyone wants to believe Hellenized concepts and writings portrayed within the New Testament in whole or part, (which the majority was written by a Hellenistic Roman that persecuted Hebrews before he changed his name from Saul to Paul in the name of being saved and becoming their Hellenistic Roman apostle and savior); then that is your prerogative. That is however, not the point of this article.

puppet show

Share Knowledge
The real question is why the mentally enslaved of one master is at war with the mentally enslaved of another master when both masters serve the same system that creates the division and subsequent divisive wars between the divided houses of the same conquered tribes? When are these tribes going to wake up to the fact that they are being played by their puppet masters in a puppet show that only serves to entertain and benefit their masters? When are they going to realize that they are getting emotionally charged over things they can't prove? Instead of seeking to belittle and diminish your brothers on another plantation, how about seeking to understand how they came to their perspectives and then share whatever knowledge you may have with them. Maybe together you will learn something from each other.

Reproductive Age
In this particular debate, the enslaved on the plantation of the Heliocentrist and Evolutionist should therefore be asking themselves why did their “Big Bang” creator create “Hu-Man” females with the ability to have fertile eggs, menstruate and get pregnant from as early as the age of 10? This is not dictated by the laws of man. Isn’t the age of pregnancy dictated by nature? Have you ever researched the ages of pregnancy in the animal kingdom and questioned why they can reproduce life at such an early age? Isn't the word "early" not relative or subjective? If you are from the school of thought that humans came from animals, then I guess you have unwittingly answered your own question. Maybe the belief in Aliens being responsible for the positives or negatives in our world is more plausible, but even so, aren’t “Angels” considered “Aliens” meaning not from this land or realm? What then is the problem we have with the word “Angel if they could also be characterized or classified as alien, if that word is somewhat more palatable?”


Hands of God or Hands of Man?
Another point that is frequently made is related to the wickedness, suffering and why things are the way they are within our world. Why do Atheist or Agnostics perceive that suffering and wickedness at the hands of man is somehow being executed by the hands of some religious God, who favors certain groups or individuals over another? Aren’t all writings read by readers from the history of time not at the hands of man? Do we have any evidence of any handwritings by the hands of any God? Do we have any recordings of the voice of any God? The absence of such evidence does not negate the possibility of a Creator or God as some prefer to say, but what is unequivocally clear is that we can't beyond a reasonable doubt, prove that words written or uttered by man is the will or voice of a Creator or God. Writings whether current or ancient should not automatically deemed facts until they can be proven. The proof then become facts. Debating any topic void of proof or facts is circuitous and a royal waste of time. Why  atheists or agnostics conveniently put a God they don’t believe in on trial and responsible for any writing by man, instead of putting what they do believe in on trial is baffling. Why don’t they stand on their belief that there is no Creator, God or Gods and simply make the observation that this is a result or cause from their (BBE) Big Bang Explosion or simply, MAN MANIPULATING AND DESTROYING EACH OTHER. They could easily choose to do what they can to prevent the continuation of something they are witnessing with their own eyes, if they could only see through it.


Are Atheists Accountable?
The point of this article was to bring attention to the fact that atheists and agnostics tend to conveniently point blame in the direction of things they claim not to believe in, while not being accountable or holding the accounts of what they believe in accountable. Is attacking what they don't believe in a smarter approach than proving what they do believe in? I will leave that up to the jury. In my opinion, believing in something you can't prove does not make you smart. Actually quite the opposite.

slaves on a plantation

Regardless of the plantation you belong to on this particular topic, you are still facing hardcore empirical evidence, not theories or Hellenistic myths, folklore and fairy tales. Irrespective of your belief system, culture or society you were raised in, the fact remains that young female humans and animals can reproduce at an early age. The question all schools of thought (Big Bang, Alien or otherwise) should seek to answer is, "Why or Why Not?" Why are your dissenting views or disagreement based upon opinions on things that can't be proven? We need to free ourselves of the shackles keeping us on such a plantation.

common sense is not a gift

Common Sense
In closing, I would like to make it known that I encourage ANY dialogue or quest for knowledge based upon evidence or truth. I also want to encourage the principle of thinking before you utter, because sometimes it is better to observe, listen and learn in "utter" silence whilst discerning with our "GOD GIVEN" common sense, what makes sense and what is nonsense.

Instead of the in-fighting, we should seek to understand each other. Deception and distractions are designed to confuse and divide. A divided house is like a structure made only of sand, once put to a test, it will not stand. It is time for all tribes and houses to make the conscious decision to wake up each other one by one. Unite and come together, instead of thinking everything is impossible without a God's hand. ~ SOM


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