Scuffed shoes tell no tale




Yes, it's all well and good for the perfect qualified person to be on paper, but the truth of the matter is, out of 110 percent of a candidates vulnerability is 120 percent gut instincts for the employer, for example, perceptive optics like the smell of desperation, and the inattentiveness to details, as well as, the more overt miscreant misdeed such as treating the receptionist with scant respect is a biggie, did I mention, the disposition of the interviewer at that particular time.


Personally, it’s all about making the connection, that is, melding the emotional quotient, and cementing the congruence of fit of the applicant ‘s psychological contract to that of the goals of the employer.


I have found that the best candidates are the accidental ones that don’t know that you are scouting them out. For instance, the now decimated accounting firm, Andersen Consulting used to recruit quirky potential aspirants with eccentric background from the strangest  of places for its rigorous boot camp training program





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