Sinning in Sin City

"Brief turns, here and there, mixing with the pack, based on chance. It cuts me up. Sometimes I feel high, but then I'm low. Can't you just tell Matt he's busted and you need to be paired with me?"

"You know that is not possible, darling, even though it breaks my heart."

"I know, it's your family that I don't really don't fit in with, I just don't suit your old man."

"Darling, you know what the head of my family's like...."

"It's a colour issue, isn't?"

"It's tricky, but he's old school-"

"Yeah, he sure calls a spade a bloody shovel. He doesn't like me because I'm black. I really hate that!"

"Sweetie, I adore how black you are. It's just that he's set in his ways - he'll always stick, not twist. He believes we're not ... suited."

"Yet Matt is?"

"Well, Matt and I were close for a long time, from when we were young, until you came between us, sweetie and I realized that Matt and I never really saw each other eye to eye."

"You know I love you...."

"I know, Jon, you just have to learn patience."

"Do you expect me to wait until your old man pegs out?"

"Honey, just make the most of what we have, pair up whenever we can. Look, we're both 21, Jon."

"I know, it's just that sometimes I feel I could snap! I wish we could turn up trumps, and play happy families together."

"You act like one of those jokers that stand on the sidelines without getting involved, philosophizing about who we are and where we are going, whether our lives are self-determined, or if we are all at the mercy of fate."

"Sometimes I feel everything's stacked against us, our lives out in the open for all to see, set out in lines and rows, but when the chips are down I get the feeling that our fate's held in other hands."

"Jon, you think too much, just live for now and ..."

"What was that?"

"Oh, no! It can't be so soon! I think that's the ... Dealer! ...we're being lifted up and ... shuffled again! Now we're being cut and ... faaaaaanned!"

"Damn it princess, you've left me again!"

"About time you dropped that discard, honey; you got an even flashier redhead turn up behind you. Why don't we get it together instead, huh, Jon?"

"So, what's the deal here, Princess?"

"How about I build a bridge between us and you supply ... the rubber...."


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