One of my favorite scenes from Breaking Bad

Dexter. I hate when the writers think that they can get away with loose ends dangling all over the place, hoping that the audience is too dumb to follow complex plot finale. Never the less, in this scene, poor Jesse is caught in an awkward and even more irrelevant position of making teeny talk out of very tiny talk. An uncomfortable situation in that one could cut the tension at the table with the butter knife. Presumably, the source of friction was Mr White's and Skylar's irreconcilable differences, a marriage set on a path of no return, so much so, that you could literally feel the disgust and resentment oozing through the tubes. Kudos to #absolutely brilliant #acting. #directing, and #writing! I am happy that #BreakingBad was given an #Emmy, a well deserved accolade, quite over due to say the least and and a non contested right of passage, indeed!


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