The Onset of Inevitability

Yet, here you are, twenty years seems like yesterday, and if your memory served you right the financial adviser did not give you the real dish that life happens. He failed to mention the struggles of the sandwich generation, that is, taking care of your sick elderly parents, on one hand, and on the other, caring for teenage children. He spared you the details of financial setbacks such as unemployment, terminal and mental illnesses, divorces and life changing events such as death of spouses, relatives and friends. And the probability that one of your biggest out of pocket expenses will go for paying the dentist's mortgage and sending his kids to Ivy league colleges.


 If only he was frank with you and hammered into your skull said, look laddie, "besides, life telling you no, everywhere that you turn; one of the most helpless feelings that you are going to experience is not having control and say over important family matters, because you are too broke, backward and battered."


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