To you, I bequeath my dead body!

In God we trust, but we do not grieve the dead.....


If I you cry me a river, will all your problems be solved? Money is your friend, but can it genuinely hold your hand when you take that last breath? `ettaesque.



Many a time, we would like to think that when people break down at the news that a loved one has passed, that the sudden stricken of grief was moaning for death. 

Suffice it to say, human nature dictates that it is more about the bereaved than the deceased, since the hapless buckling of one's knees and the uncontrollable bawling says, “Lord Jesus, what am I going to do now” rather than, “Dear Lord save his soul” Consequently, death becomes a face card for the moaner not the moanee.........As American as apple pie.


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