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When the cat is away, the mice will play!

 "I wish we could stay like this forever."

Straddling his lap with his hairy balls tickling my bare arse, impaled on and fully stuffed with his oversized rod of correction, I looked into my husband's eyes and smiled, nodding my head in agreement. This was complete bliss.

"Just sit right there and be still," he said. "Savor the moment."

We had hardly begun and I'd just lowered myself down fully on to him when he said this, so I tried to accommodate his wishes. It wasn't easy, but I did try. I really did. The problem was, this felt oh so good.

It was almost perfect. Being stretched and fulfilled like this, with all of my nerve endings firing out wonderful pulses of pleasure, I knew that with movement and friction things would only become more perfect and it was difficult to stay still.

As a matter of fact, I found it impossible and a few seconds later, by habit or desire or a little of both, I found my body raising itself a few inches and then slowly descending once more onto his hot stiff rod, producing even more delicious sensations for us both.

He smiled and reached up, pinching my nipples. "I knew you couldn't do it."

"Are you saying that you really mind this? Is it just oh so terrible?" I teased.

He smiled again and leaned back, clasping his hands behind his head. "Not one little bit. Like I said, I wish you could stay here forever. I'll just sit here and savor the moment while you do your thing."

Savor the moment? As in, file it away in the memory banks of our brains for future use, a special occasion to be relished, to be remembered, relived, and looked back upon with fondness and satisfaction?

Yes, this was one of those times. This kind of thing didn't happen that often for us, not anymore. Nowadays our usual sexcapades took place late at night after the children were in bed and hopefully asleep, when we were the most tired out from the long day.

Most often it was more or less a quickie, the bare minimum to qualify as a bona fide boning, immediately followed by turning over and attempting to get some restful sleep before the dawn’s arrival. It was better than nothing, but hardly the long, drawn out, stimulating, sensual, experimental and very satisfying sessions that occurred before the kids came along.

And I was surprised at my husband's actions this evening.

Stephen was spending the night with a friend and as soon as Jewel was finished with supper she had left with her friend Moore and Moore's mom to go see a movie. Her curfew was 10:30 PM. That left us with a little more than four hours of alone time, but I had hardly expected this, at least, not yet. Less than half an hour after Jewel left and already I was getting my first helping of man meat.

My husband had sat at the kitchen table, eyeing me like a cat watches a mouse as I cleared away the dishes and piled them in the sink. This was unusual and frankly, a little unnerving. After he silently watched me go back and forth a few times I confronted him about his odd behavior.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"The same thing I've been doing all day. Thinking about this sexy woman."

I laughed at him. "Really? What sexy woman would that be?"

He smiled at me and the next time I went past him on my way to the kitchen table he grabbed me and pulled me onto his lap. "Do you know how hot you are?"

Was he crazy? Was he sure he had the right woman in mind? Hot? Me? Not hardly, not at the moment anyway. My hair was pulled up in a ponytail, I was wearing an old pair of shorts and a ratty T-shirt, I'd been sweating in the flower bed half the afternoon pulling weeds and there was not a trace of makeup on my face.

When he pulled me on to his lap I'd fastened my arms around his neck and I sat there for a moment looking at him and shaking my head. "You're nuts," I said.

He smiled and nodded his head. "A little bit. And you're sexy," he said, reaching up to tickle my ear.

Damn, I loved this man! I knew that I looked like shit, I probably didn't smell very nice and I was pretty tired. But he knew exactly what to say to change all that, to make me feel beautiful and wanted and to boost my spirits. Or maybe he said it only to get what he wanted. Whichever it was, it worked. Those few sentences sent my mood soaring and I wasn't quite so tired anymore.

That had been the beginning of it. I liked his comment so much that I kissed him, then I kissed him again. When I tried to get up and continue my dish clearing, he wouldn't let me, holding me down on his lap. I looked at him again and smiled and he pulled me to him for another kiss.

The kisses grew longer and longer, his hands started going places that were off-limits when there were children around and before I knew it, my hands were doing likewise. My heart really started pumping when he pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it across the room, leaving me sitting there in my bra.

"Come on," I said as I stood up and grabbed his hand.

He shook his head. "I want you right here, right now," he said as he reached forward and unbuttoned my shorts.

"In the kitchen?"

He nodded, finished his unbuttoning and then yanked my shorts to the floor before removing his shirt. Boy, this hadn't happened out of the bedroom in a long time. He must've been really eager or really desperate. For a moment there I wondered if he'd been drinking at work but even as I thought that, I knew better.

Technically I guess we weren't exactly in the kitchen, we were in the kitchen/dining area. Technicalities do sometimes matter but any way you look at it, we were in a fairly large open area within plain sight of the kitchen and the living room. Our lights were on and we would be visible to anyone in the backyard.

I glanced out the back window but of course there was no one there. Still, what if there were a hole in the stockade fence and one of the neighbors was peering through? What if someone climbed a ladder and looked over the fence into our kitchen? What then? We were directly in front of the door leading from the kitchen into the garage and it was unlocked. Jewel wouldn't be home for another 4 hours but still, what if someone else came in? No one we knew just walked into our house without knocking, but..............

I voiced my concerns and he laughed at me as he reached forward once again. With one well practiced flick of his fingers my bra fell away and he kicked his shoes off. I got down on my knees to help pull his pants off but he beat me to it, raising his hips enough to slide them off into the floor. I was going to provide him a little oral stimulation in order to get things going but when his shorts joined his pants, he surprised me. He was already ready. I mean, he was fully hard and ready to go.


"It looks like maybe you were thinking about me all day," I said. I bent forward to take him into my mouth but he stopped me and pulled me back to my feet. He reached forward and began rubbing my crotch and my juices were quickly flowing, darkening the front of my underwear.

"I want some of this," he said. A moment later he slid my underwear down, very slowly, almost like he was unveiling a national treasure or a famous painting until at last I stood before him fully nude. Out in the open; at night and with the lights on. I glanced out in the backyard once again.

He laughed again. "If someone is watching........... well, we'll just give them a little show." Taking my hands, he pulled me forward onto his lap and into another deep kiss as his hands continued roaming my body. A moment later as his lips found their way to my nipples, my hand wrapped around his rod of correction and began stroking and fondling his boy toy. Before long he told me to stand while he reached down and took hold of his rod of correction, guiding it to where we both wanted and needed it to be as I slowly descended onto him, millimeter by millimeter until at last I was engulfing his length and girth completely.

This is when I ruined it, not being able to hold myself still enough to savor the moment. Oh well. Since I had already screwed that up, I decided to keep at it, to keep the movement going. So I did. Starting off slowly facing him, I soon had my head leaned over his shoulder, really working my hips up and down on his rod of correction.  

After a few minutes of this I had to slow down and he placed his hands beneath my butt cheeks and assisted my up-and-down movements. A couple of minutes of this was, all he could handle and he began rapidly thrusting upward to meet me each time I came down. We soon slowed back down to a more sedate rhythm, just to change things up a bit and make us both last a little longer.

Every once in a while I had been glancing out the back window just to reassure myself that we had no voyeurs, but now I was approaching the point of no return and any spectators there might or might not be were forgotten. As the sensations kept building I gave myself over completely to the moment.

As I was nearing the sweet release of orgasm, I was once again leaned over his shoulder, slapping my ass up and down on his rod of correction rapidfire, just like the porn stars do in the movies. We both heard the noise of a car door slamming out near the street, but it was easily ignored. There were car doors slamming in our neighborhood quite often.

"I'll be right back; I'm going to ask my mom if I can spend the night with you."

The sound of our 10-year-old daughter’s voice was heard loud and clearly, but somehow my brain refused to acknowledge or accept it. It couldn't be. It just couldn't. Jewel was at the movies. Still in disbelief, my body continued doing what it was doing, receiving much pleasure and satisfaction from our union.

The echo of running footsteps in the garage reached our ears and it was only when the doorknob on the door leading into the garage began to turn that it shocked us to our senses and we came to the awful realization of what was about to happen.

Looking each other in the eye, my husband and I both mouthed the exact same thing at the exact same time.

Oh sh*t!


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