One of those times

Look,  I also do not profess to be a sales pitch person by any standards of the imagination. But, ifI see a product that I like,  I am going to endorse it, hence my writing of this testimonial for the DaBlue Community. Truth be told, I am a behind the scene denizen, whose personal preference is to be locked in a back room and push buttons and touch screens all day. Unfortunately, the empire strikes back at such antisocial sentiments and I have to indulge them  by pretending to be a people person all day.


Obviously, there are tons of ways to socialize on the web, thus, not inclusive of Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, Whatsapp, Tumblr, etc, you get the picture. Of course, like the DaBlue community, each of these social medium, brings in each own rights, a different flavor of strength to you.


However minuscule that distinguishable difference maybe, it’s never a one size fits all, by any determination. Essentially,  none of these social sites can be all things to you, as a result, what we have is a mash-up of niche offerings with varying degrees of strengths and weaknesses.


Imagine, out of these disadvantages, springboards the major advantage of the DaBlue Community, a seamless and forward integration of its flagship blogging software with all the major aforementioned media sites.


Unequivocally and unmistakably no other  social medium allows you the opportunity to blog and share your thoughts and musings with your friends on other social media sites. Totally Awesome!


Here is the thing, I know your initial reaction to this recommendation is one of selective bias for sites like Facebook, and I will not deny that fact either. Suffice it to say, all things being equal, one of Facebook’s major weakness is its failure to file your posts in some kind of readily retrievable format. Instead, you find yourself wasting time that you don’t have, drilling down aimlessly in your Timeline to find that one thing that you desperately wants to share with your new friend.


Even more significantly,  Tumblr, a popular blogging platform does not integrate with its other cousins like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Still, you want to write about something that you are passionate about or to promote your products and services but you want your writings to be easily accessible to visitors and to have an indeterminate shelf life. Hence, you are looking for a platform that will facilitate blogging as an alternative to your posts and that platform is clearly the DaBlue Community.


Listen, I know your second reaction will be that you are sold on the idea of becoming a member of DaBlue Community,  but for the lives of Fric and Frac you cannot string two words together because you are terrified that you are going write nonsense and even more stricken with fear that you are going to betray your credentials.


On the other hand, I am not going to deny that in the court of social media, justice is swift and that people in the virtual world are vicious and unforgiving. However, I can assure you that when you join the DaBlue Community, your experience will be Starbucks; a place conducive for growing your budding talent without being, criticized, chastised or judged.



I’ve tooted my horn. So, don’t wait another minute. Join now!

·       Your information is secure

·       Easy to learn and use blogging platform

·       Your blogs can easily be shared with other social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +

·       Watch hits to your blogs grow from visitors all over the world

·       Use videos, status updates and photos to build a portfolio to showcase your creativity or professional profile to potential employers


·       Write reviews, promote your products and build your skills



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