If only my dad were around....

Five days later Zack saw a sheet of paper on his little desk. He turned it over.


Dear Lonely,

This is Jesus writing you. I am sorry it took me a while to write you but there were so many other children I had to write to this week. Lonely, can I call you Zack. Thanks. Zack I know what you are going through.

At seven years old you’re at the age that you like to play, have fun and be with kids around your age. I know what you mean when you said that you have all those toys to play with but you are still alone. I tell you what, I will help you out because I know you’re a good boy, you do your homework and I feel you need a brother or sister. Now I have decided that your parents will soon have a baby but it will take a little longer before you begin to really play with him. Opps., I said “him”. It will be a boy. Now don’t tell your parents I told you. It’s supposed to be a surprise. Be patient and good things will happen to you.

Yours eternally,


Zack wrote back immediately.


Dear Jesus,

Thanks for writing back to me. I was so excited what you wrote. Really, I am going to have a baby brother!? Oh, I could hardly wait. Could you make my brother be about my age? I don’t want to wait so long like one of my friends whose mom said my friend had to wait a long time before his baby sister and brother could even walk. Anyway, I gotta go, I hear my mom  calling me.

Not as lonely,



 Zack runs down the stairs hearing his name being called.

‘’Zack” his mom said, “Your dad and I have something to tell you”

“What’s it mom?”, Zack facing directly to his mom as she kneeled down and held his hand, then Zack turned his head to his dad who was sitting on a sofa listening attentively to them.

“Don’t worry Zack” his dad said, “It’s kind of a surprise to me also but it's a good one”

“Yes Zack”, his mom squeezed his hand gently, “we are getting a visitor pretty soon!”

“Oh, is it Zoe or Chloe, are they coming over this weekend to play with me”

His dad chuckled a bit and then seriously responded.

“No Zack, actually it’s going to be a few months from now and this one will permanently be with us”, he said.

“..and Zack” his mom exclaimed, “you’ll have a brother or sister soon. We don’t know yet actually…”

Zack cut her off. “I know he’s going to be my baby brother”

“Now Zack”, his father said, “We don’t know yet, we have to wait a few more months”

“Well I know. Jesus wrote me and he said I will get a baby brother. Opps, oh no. I messed it up. I wasn’t supposed to say anything” Zack puts his finger to his mouth not to say anymore and ran upstairs to his room.

His mom then spoke to his dad.

“What was that all about!?” as his mom looked at his dad, “he wrote Jesus, and he said I will have a boy”

“Don’t worry about that Joice, he’s seven years old, kids that age goes through a little fantasy. When I was young I had an imaginary friend”

Zack came running down from his room and into the living room where his parents were.

“Look mom, here is the letter from Jesus”

His mom looked at the letter. She squinted to read but she seemed to have difficulty reading it. She gives it to her husband.

“Zack, did Jesus write you this letter!?” as he tried to read it. His dad looked at Zack squarely in his face.

“Yes sir!” Zack said.

“But there is nothing written on this paper, its blank son!

Zack took back the paper. He looked at it.

“Sure dad, look, it said, mom will have a baby boy!” Zack pointed it out on the paper.

“Zack, you’re pointing to nothing, it’s a blank paper!” his dad responded with a serious tone.

Zack took the paper and ran upstairs back with it.

The next day Jesus wrote back to Zack.


Dear Zack,

 The letter was supposed to be private and no one needed to know. No one can read this letter I wrote you. You weren’t supposed to tell anyone. I wish you didn’t. Nevertheless I understand you are seven, excited that you will have a brother. But you know Zack, having a baby brother comes with responsibility. There will be times when you might have to look after your baby brother. There may be times when he will cry, will want to be fed, and his little pants will sometimes feel wet or soggy. Now as a brother you can’t get scared or angry because he is a baby. Even though you are alone now, there will be times when your baby brother will grow up fast and be what you might call a “pest”. He will take your toys or other things and he may even destroy them. And so there may be times you wish you were alone, or even back to being a lonely child. So I am letting you know what you’ll be getting into. However I feel there are more advantages having a brother or sister. Anyway, I will write you back in a few months.

Always Your Lord and Saviour,Jesus.


Three months went by. The one day hiis mom and dad called him from his room as he was just finishing his homework. Zack runs down the stairs to the living room to see what it was this time as his mom was all smiles.

“Zack my dear, how did you guess that I was going to get a boy. We’ll be getting a baby boy” his mom said.

“And..” his dad spoke, “delivery will be in six months from now”

They both went around Zack and hugged him. They hugged each other so long that Zack noticed a single tear drop from his mom’s eye.

“I told you Jesus said it was going to be a boy" Zack spoke out, "he wrote and told me about it. When I write him I feel happy and no so alone, mom..dad!”

They both looked at Zack and smiled as they decided to let him pretend that Jesus writes to him.

Then a few days later he got another letter from Jesus.


My dearest Zack,

This is my final letter to you. You are getting older and your wish has come true. Please make sure to do what I had said in my previous letter. Oh and one other thing, don’t tell too much of people that we write each other, especially when you get much older.

So now you’ll definitely not be lonely anymore. Here is something new. I have just read a report given to me by one of my angels. It’s seems you will turn out to be an athletic star, a sports figure, how about that!. You will lead a team to many of victories and people will talk and read about you.

But don’t let it go to your head, please be the same boy you are. Treat people with respect and always be honest and positive, as even though some people may be against you or see things differently from you at least they will respect you for what you stand for. Zack, your greatest gift is your heart, what you believe in. You don’t need me anymore. You have that strong quality of faith that will make good things happen. Eventually you will also get a baby sister. She will be a special one in your life to come. Take good care of her. Your days of loneliness are over. Good luck to a great future and a beautiful life. Always be thankful for whatever you have, because there will forever be others that are better off than you are and there will be even more children worst off than you are where ever you go.

I will be seeing you sometime in the far earthly future,






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