Born in Jamaica in the year 1981 to parents Iva and Vincent Hunter in little district called Lewis Store my childhood years are filled with fond memories. I began school at an early age since my mother was a teacher at Highgate Hall Age Primary in Highgate, St. Mary and I was drawn to music as my dad had a small sound system that would fill the air with Bob Marleys albums every Sunday evening after church. Successfully passing my Common Entrance Examination in 1992 I moved on to St. Mary High School then subsequently to Marymount Business College and pursued additional Business Courses. Read More...

Lead Me Not Into Temptation!

First it was a need to match my wardrobe on those special occasions. Then it was a need to cover my beautiful feet. I started off with black ones. Velvet was my favourite texture. Then it was blue ones. Before I knew it, I was hooked on having all the colours of the rainbow. Shoes was my addiction. I felt helpless and powerless whenever I passed a shoe store. A trance came over me and before you knew it the shoes were bought and I would spend hours preening over them. Then one day my neighbour bought the strangest rooster. I called it a rasta rooster. Its comb was ruffled and scattered in every direction. It was unlike any other comb on a rooster. I watched in amazement and wonder as this rooster was being chased by at least twelve hens. I thought nothing of it and went about my business. 

The pain was getting worse and I could no longer ignore it. The doctor told me it was just a muscle strain and gave me the prescription for the medicine. Walking hastily in a busy mall towards a pharmacy I passed a store sign that read “Sale - Up to 75% off selected items”. At first glance my eyes read the sign but my mind never processed the information until after I handed in the prescription and sat in the waiting area. “Shoes, shoes, shoes” kept ringing in my head. I tried to distract my mind from the impending purchase I was about to make. I quickly paid for the medication before the addiction kicked in. “Thanks for making our pharmacy your number 1 choice” the store clerk chanted like a customer service recorder as I paid for my medication. As I left the pharmacy thinking to myself about the rooster running from his addiction, I determined to walk away from my shoes addiction.

I stepped out unto the busy corridor and a heat wave ran all over my brain. A part of me felt like making a mad rush to the parking lot pass the Sale sign store but then apart of me wanted to grace them with my presence. Before I could decide I was already in the store browsing around. Convincing oneself that you are only going to window shop is not an easy task at all. “Sale - Up to 75% off selected items, really? The impulsive nature I had that needed governing would not allow me to make it back to the parking lot without taking a peek in the shoe store. Just last week I finally got a chance to wear a new pair of red size 8 Nine West pumps to work. Well it never quite got to work as I found myself hopping from the parking lot to my office having to tolerate the stares and laughter persons got from my lopsided attempts to walk in one foot of shoe.

Well I think this answers my question? Do I really need to purchase any more shoes. I am sure the defect of that re pumps was not a result of dry rot due to lack of wear but a manufacturer’s defect. Yes I will stick to the latter as this will finalize the impending decision to possibly make a purchase of one or two pairs. Okay then ONE pair and don’t look at me, I am not to be blamed for the defect and besides I am someone who likes to have all I needed prepared in advance so I will have no need to run to the store to get a matching shoe for my outfit at the last minute. Let’s say I like my closet to be very organized with a colourful display of choices.

(A whisper) “Hey there you’re my size!” I looked around but no one was looking at me. (Another whisper)“WOW what pretty feet you have must be size 8!” I stepped back and looked around but no one was looking at me. Was my mind playing games or was it that my lunch was beckoning to my growling stomach. “Down here cute toes” the voice whispered and sure enough I looked down I saw the most beautiful pair of blue leopard printed pumps I have ever seen. I just had to slip them on. Oh so comfy, fits so perfectly enhancing my posture. I must have them. I had said one or two pairs but since I am trying to not shop on an impulse shouldn’t one pair indicate some improvement? “I will take this pair on my feet please” I cheerfully told cashier as I handed her my visa card and began to stare down at my latest collection to my shoe closet. Oh lucky I felt to have found such a beautiful shoe on sale at 15% off.  Look at it, i am sure you love it too.


“I am sorry mam but your card declined” Came the dreaded response that interrupted my thought process. “Are you sure? Please try it again thanks” I told the cashier. She finally gave up on the third (3rd) attempt and returned my card and asked if I would be paying by cash instead. Embarrassed as I was I began to smile then asked how long will the sale last. “Last day of sale Mam” she loudly and sternly replied and quickly began attending to the next customer in line.

Slowly I walked back to the show rack to remove the sale shoe and returned my own size 8 shoe to my now unhappy feet.




  Dee Hunt


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