Jamaica's Own Dating Service

try and beat the traffic. Dancing in and out of traffic i noticed a black pajerio doing the same but didn't think anything of it. Got to a major intersection and was jamming to some soca feeling all pumped up only to see one of the windscreen wiper boys heading in my direction so I proceeded to cleanse my own windscreen.

He came over and slightly tapped on my window showing me a piece of paper and pointing in the direction of the Black Pajerio. so i cracked my window a bit and asked what was the problem. he said " good mawning miss, the man inna the black van pay me thousand dollar fi bring this come give yuh". shocked i asked him to give me what. the boy replied " him write him number pan the paper mam and him a ask you to call him".

I looked over to the "black van" and saw a nice young man nodding and smiling from ear to ear. So i took the paper from the chap and sent back a message " Tell the man in the black van if he gave you one thousand dollars extra i will call him by noon ". The young man bolted off and sure as faith he got the extra thousand dollars so i nodded to the man in the black van and went on my way to work. Sure i will call but noon which day of which year.. yes i will call, i am only as good as my word. SMH. what a way to start my week. hahahahaha
: :)