A lifetime Well Spent!

Dear Future Husband,

Because of you I woke up a better person than I was yesterday. Not everyday you meet someone who is really interested in your overall happiness. There are a lot of selfish persons out there who only look out for themselves in a relationship. Many times we commit ourselves to someone who really has no intention to love us beyond a certain point and If our situation changes they are out the door.

Time and time you have proven that you have no intention of running away. I can be a real pain in the ass, a real hitching pain especially when I get moody but never once have you flinched at me. Some may say give you time but I say the time we have now is all we need to know that when someone really loves and care for you time doesn't change that.

It matters not how long we will last. A lifetime is not about counting the months or years we have been together. a lifetime is the quality of time we have spent when we had the chance to share our lives together. SO...

Cheers to us and the lifetime we have shared together.