Hope was a mere stick of orchid I had received few months ago from a friend that I took home and planted in my tea pot. Yes my mom thought I was crazy to take an hammer made a hole in the tipper and nestled "hope" the piece if stick in the middle. Having a conversation with my daughter that day I remembered telling her if I can bring back this stick to life there is nothing I cannot do and It was then i proceeded to call the stick " Hope".

This morning as I rose from my bed I needed hope. I needed a fresh out look and as my eyes wandered across my garden I saw hope literally and figuratively speaking. Hope was blooming...omg. Hope was new, fresh, strong, beautiful. Hope was everything I would want to be and more.

Now I sit here admiring hope. She is my inspiration. Most of us can relate to where hope started from and now we weathered the storms of life and are either on the verge of blooming or already blooming. Others you are where hope began. Just a breath away from living, you are a mere stick feeling defeated. Hold on to hope..create the environment to foster new growth. Water, fertilizer (take care of your body and mind) and spend time with your self and don't lose HOPE (should have been another blog but just as when the music hits you, you move so does writing.) Love you all.