Bucket List Updating.....Contemporary Dancer?

I got up this morning thinking and then I decided. I WANT TO BE A DANCER.. yes a dancer doing contemporary dance…My age did not matter at all to me, I never even took it into consideration when i made the decision. As I leaped from my bed I went straight to retrieve my diary from my office and wrote on my  ” Things to do list. I wrote “ Call Sharon at Edna Manley and find out what is the cost for their dancing classes and when is it offered”

My entire process of getting ready for work changed this morning. Everything I did, I was dancing and playing the part of a successful dancer and it felt good.

Many times we have thoughts of doing things we will enjoy and we hold back on pursing them. We either shove it aside because we think we are too old or we wonder what others will think if they found out our intentions. Let me clear the air.. there is nothing in the books that state that when you like apples you are to love them all your life..NO WAY, you can move on to grapes and keep the apples or drop the apples and love bananas and pear later on.

To be successful in living you have to take on a “GET BEX ATTITUDE” and DO YOU and FORGET about the rest. If it is something you really want you will work at it and if you change your mind.. SO WHAT.. it is your choice.

 Do what you love always and those who are for you and like you will stand with you always. This is not a rehearsal for living this is our life, our real life. Not a trial so go out there and sign up for whatever you want to do.. It is your life, start living.