MOU with JPS

Dear Editor

I am having a serious challenge that can only be addressed by the light and power company (Jps). I like many other Jamaicans have found myself

huddled and glued to the side line of every match in the world cup and this will result in serious consequences at the end of the month when my Jps bill arrives. I tremble when ever i see a mail man.

The Solution

I propose a MOU. I propose a Memorandum of Uunderstanding be signed with us the legally connected customers and the Jamaica Public Service to delay payments that will be incurred during the duration of the world cup season until a later date. This will allow time to pay off the amount we will incur for the next few weeks. This is a matter of urgency and of great national interest. Signing the MOU will allow us to relax and unwind with out fear. 

Wakes Up from the Dream, Back to reality

I applaud my country. Once again we are all united and regardless of our preferred teams the comradeship we show have united us. As Jamaicans we know how to come together. Even when times are hard we still get up and enjoy ourselves in whatever festivites that is happening. The colorful display of flags on cars and buses adds to the excitement and on every corner or bar a television is propped up with a group gathered dressed in their team colours, hats or flags.. So big up Jamaicans, proud of my people. World Cup 2014 Fever is on my little island.