Will anyone hear their cries?
I did and i am standing in line with you.
Who else will stand with me?


On April 16, 2016 i posted a picture of my daughter and wrote a poem to her. I was unaware that two days before (April 14, 2014) over 200 girls were kidnapped from a school in Chibok, Nigeria. To My Daughter I had this to say :-

To My Daughter Thais
by Dee Hunt

I will never let you go
I will never let you stumble
I will always be there to catch you
Just in time.

You have always made me proud
you have always been so humble
So outspoken i allow you to be you
So proud that God chose me to carry you into this world

I have watched you grow inside me ,
Just yesterday you were a toddler Now a beautiful princess before my eyes
You always amaze me
As i often see me in your eyes

You are full of life and so much laughter
The world is a better place because you are here
I pray I will always be here to guide your foot steps
I pray I will always be here to answer when you call

Love you always baby girl . I am so proud to be your MOM.

On April 14, 2014 militants seized more than 220 school girls in the dead of the night at a high school who were preparing for exams in the town of Chibok. It is alleged that armed men herded the girls like cattle out of bed and forced them into trucks then disappeared into the dense forest bordering Cameroon. Roughly 200 girls are still missing, although the authorities and parents differ on the number. As a mother of a little princess i stand with these women demanding that the girls should be returned immediately to their parents. I also stand beside them seeking international assistance to compel these horrible heartless men to bring them back unarmed unsoiled. My heart cries with these mothers who i am sure are having sleepless nights. What a torture..... sigh

Mothers and father in Chibok, Nigeria i am sure shares these exact sentiments to their daughters. Let us continue to stand with them although miles away. Let us stand with them until the girls, OUR girls are returned to their homes. The time to act is now. You do not have to show up in person but help these women voices to be heard. Look at your daughter, your niece and think about how you would have felt if your child disappeared. Look at your sons and wonder "Are they next? As women and men let us join hands in prayer. We are all over the globe but let us unite in this one thought which needs our immediate attention and action and yell




Remember these Mothers and Fathers in our prayers!