Walking away will definitely solve the immediate situation. You will not have to deal with the individual any more. You break free and move on. On the flip side you are actually doing your self more harm than good. You see walking away from unresolved issues will leave such issues open to resurface and you will not get any form or explanation that could lead to closure. Time doesn’t take away the hurt but the scars will just be covered so the big question is WILL you EVER TRUST AGAIN!

Trust is a word people often use freelance in conversation. It is said to prove to the other party that the dedication is there and all the right ingredients are in the relationship; all this is done to make you feel at ease, relaxed. At some time in our lives we have trusted and have had that trust broken and it depends on the magnitude of the trust that was given some of us have healed, so are still wounded and some just wander about using the word fliverously and convincingly to gain the trust of any unsuspecting person.

The next time you tell someone you T*R*U*S*T them make sure it is the truth and you are RELIABLE and UNDERSTANDING to their needs and their feelings by offering the necessary SECURITY. Just make sure you plan to have the TIME for them.