Women Listen Up Part 1

Women (sighs), give me a few minutes here..

Why do you see each other as your opponent?
Why do you try to discredit another sister because she is trying?
Why do you quarrel and fight over men who sits back and find it amusing?
Why do you make improvements to your bodies, your entire life to prove to another women that you are better?
Why do you support men who talk about women in a disrespectful manner? dont you know he talks the same way about you too?
why do you go out of your way find another woman's flaws and cast negative comments about her physical appearances

Let me tell you why..

You lack so much confidence it is killing you inside
You have low self esteem
You are selfish and immature
You are desperate and envious
You are ugly on the inside and it overflows on the outside so much that you hate You but cast your hate on others

Clean it up

See each other with different attributes that makes us special and unique
See each other as strong women and lift each other up when you stumble
Unite and stand together.
Start focusing on being better mothers and wives
Start focusing on improving yourself for YOU