Lucozade Kind of Love

Curiosity Kills the CAT or Burns the Cat? hmmm!

It became clear to me that lucozade was not something you could ignore. The sudden desires and urges from the chemistry that was building the more time I spent looking was enough to increase my desire to get a taste to satisfy my tastebuds even just once; a gesture I am sure it felt that was its purpose to fulfill my desire to make me go wow at the end of experiencing its unique abilities and that tingling feeling spreads across your entire body. Your eyes are closed and the moment consumes you so much that you desire every last drop that is being offered.

Refills ?

The addiction was evident and no matter how much I tried to avoid it, it seemed to find me in my hiding place. No matter how many times I decided to have one last taste and never look back there is always a reminder that beckons me to return. How many refills am I allowed to take? I guess there is no limit as I cannot seem to get enough so its best I stop fighting and find a way to balance my real world and my selfish desire to constantly have Lucozade. Walking away is definatley no longer an option.


No Ending in Sight

It’s been years since I have given in to the urge and I have never been more fulfilled. It satisfies me, leaving me wanting nothing else and I bask in the moments after each encounter.  It is clearly a matter of me not willing to give up but why should I give up something that pleases every inch of my existence? Why keep wrestling with the thought?



Life is just for living and theses simple moments are moments that will no doubt make life exciting.  I have tried to give up Lucozade more that once but no matter how hard I try it is evident that I can’t let go, well not for now. So until that day comes I will continue to enjoy him, I will continue to bask in the moments shared because I believe in enjoying the simple pleaures of life. I must agree curiosity really does kill the cat, but satisfaction sure keeps bringing HIM BACK!