Happy Bday Princess Thais!

Short Notes from My Diary
November 29, 2004

Why am i peeing so often? Did i drink a drum of water?. I felt tired and went back to bed for the sixth time.

I cant sleep. This child wont keep still. Thank God this journey will be over in two days.

4:16 am

Omg peeing again. Shouting down the hall "Mom wake up, i am peeing again". Come here please. Maurice wake up i have been peeing way too often.


Omg my water broke. Oh lord its happening today. Omg i am so ready..yes yes yes (contraction) oh no oh no whoa...call Dr. Mcdonald its happening now.


Cant you drive any faster?...oh lord she is impatient. Omg i left my dairy, i need it. Dear lord take care of me once more (screams) please.

5:20 a.m @ Nutall Hospital
In my room strung up on Iv and in came Dr. Mc to check. Going to have to induce you. Oh man not again...

6:00 a.m to 12:10 p.m
Dwindling my toes and thumbs squeezing nurse Duwyri's hands and nurse Moodies hands. Your so in control they said. My thoughts, i need this little girl out now...i cant go much further...i am too tired. Dr. Mc checks again for the 8th time and said "Donna i could have gone to Jubilee run ward and come back from morning but finally its time to go to delivery room" We all laughed.

I dont know what happened for a while after a few pushes. I recalled Nurse moodie placing a beautiful baby girl in my arms who had both hands under her cheeks. She was staring at me. I was too weak to hold her so she pulled up the side rails and my daughter and i just stared at each other . i was in love.

November 29, 2014

Today, she is 10. I am proud of the young lady she is. Very modest and confident. A leader and very intellectual. She reads alot and rather playing outside, swimming, dancing etc than watching television. (Who she got that from? Me? Haha) She has discussions about news..yup.lol...she has two smart ass parents so boom.

Her pool party looks gloomy as its raining and i cant set up the backyard. Lets pray for sunshine.

So happy birthday to my princess who woke up just now screaming from her room "I am TEN, ALMOST A TEENAGER...YES".

November 29, 2015

Missy woke up miserable.. Very miserable. It took her a few minutes to remember it was it her birthday. Then from the corner of her lips a smile emerged " MOMMY ITS MY BIRTHDAY!" she yelled. Immediately I broke into my own choir singing "Happy Birthday to you, who are you I have no clue!". We burst out in laughter.  Birthday party was held at school. She had no idea we had planned to surprise her in her class. The teacher sent her on an errand and when she returned the students yelled ' Surprise" you should have seen the look on her face hahahaha. it was hectic but baby girl wore her tiara and loved every minute of her celebration. One giant cake was finished in minutes. Another surprise bday party in the bag.

Novemeber 29, 2016

This year "dads on duty" and I am sure he gave her a wonderful breakfast and extra cash for school. First bday not waking up and seeing her and it feels weird. :( Going by to see her in a few. This weekend we will both ensure she has a wonderful bday celebration. She informed that she has out grown birthday pool parties ( EXCUSE ME) and that she would like to see a movie with 7 or 8 of her friends. To chaperone 9 kids to the movie theatre? hmmmm It shouldn't be that hard huh? I hope not, besides, this time I will not have to clean up after the party (WHOO WHOOO) I LOVE THIS NEW PARTY THEME lol 

Here is a look at my baby girl over the years. Enjoy!