Real Love, Talking about Real Love...Someone to Set My Heart on Fire

Sometimes you just have to stop doing what you're so accustomed to doing and let love, love you back. The only way you can truly experience this love is if you yourself already has it within you. To be told "I love you" by someone who means the world to you leaves you breathless.

b2ap3_thumbnail_its-the-little-things.jpgTo be told " There is no me without you" makes you weak in places you never knew could lose strength. To be ill and told by your partner “ Just say the word and I am on the next plane to be by your side” makes you very emotional  and  to be held in the arms of someone who thinks the world of you even when you are at your worst is priceless. To know this type of love you've got to have it inside you for yourself FIRST. If you don't you will end up being in love with the idea of being in love and you will miss the grand opportunity of experiencing true love.


The dynamics of everyone’s relationship is different and at the end of the day it boils down to personal choices. It is what you want and your partner wants but it is important that you both know what each other wants out of the relationship and life to ensure you are both on the same wave riding. At all times be honest about what you feel. If you do not feel as deeply and passionate about your partner as he/she does about you say it, and be sensitive about it. If you no longer see a future with them say it. What this does is allow the other person to decide if he or she wants to stay in the relationship or not. It makes separation a little easier and hopefully less bitter.


No law says you are to love one person forever neither does it say you can’t be in love with one person for a life time. Just ensure that at the end of the day you have the one and most important love of all and that is self love. Make sure whatever you do and whosoever you’re with you will always ensure that you are happy and that you are no sacrificing yourself out of fear of being lonely. So go on out there and establish meaningful friendships and relationships with people who appreciates the little things you do. The ones who apprecaite you jsut as you are and not for what you can or cannot offer and enjoy being you 100% 24hours every day.

Real Love, Talking about Real Love...Someone to Set My Heart on Fire

Have a great day!