From a Little Cottage in Irish Town, St. Andrew

Calm down… all that happened is that it was my first hiking experience and I was overweight, unfit, I underestimated the journey and just sat in the bushes every few minutes until strength returned to my legs. This hike was the beginning of so many journeys for me. I constantly told myself if I completed this hike I will be unstoppable. Never underestimate self motivation it will make you do things you never dreamed of doing in your life time.The end of the hike took us to lunch at a nice quaint bed and breakfast. What a relief it was to have completed the hike and rush across that foot bridge to have lunch by the river surrounded by a lush landscape and the sound of nature. I just had to return.








Nestled in the cool hills of St. Andrew, the Managing Director and CEO, Susan De Campos Palermo have truly made Rafjams Bed and Breakfast home for many of us nature lovers and for others who seek to get away for the hustle and bustle of the city life. Over the years Rafjams has evolved and a lot of upgrades have been done to the property but the vibes and tranquility that it offers remains the same. It has become a must visit for me once per year during the summer holiday and I look forward to a well deserved weekend at the place where I found myself and my strength.

















Make sure to stop in and make Rafjam Bed and Breakfast a must vist when you are in Jamaica.