Are You MyTrue Friend?

If you have a friend who cant stand up to you when you're wrong that's not a friend. If you say you are a friend and turn a blind eye to what your friend is doing that is wrong.. You're not a friend.

The definition of a "friend" is used too loose these days. In real life we have more "acquaintances" than friends and it is important that you know the difference. Don't tell someone you are a friend to them when your friendship has limits. You cannot be a friend to someone and only show up when the spotlight is on and then hide away in the shadows when you feel like it.

Friends with benefits is real, many of us have them in our lives and many of us are only around to collect benefits.

Know your circle and know each person in your circle very well. Not everyone who is in it deserves to be around you. Their intentions may be good but it also may be stifling your own personal growth. 

It is true, we do grow out of friendships and when you do gracefully move on. Just like every other relationship nothing is really meant to last for a life time. 

Position yourself around people who will challenge you daily to be the best you can be and always remember if you cant be a genuine friend you cannot expect someone to be a genuine friend to you.