Lunch Time Meditation - GOod Friendships

Lunch Time Meditation

The Bessie and Me?

Phone rings

Him : Good morning, what’s up?

Me: Good Morning

Him: What are you doing for lunch?

Me: Same thing I do every day, eat my lunch

Him: I meant what are you going to be having?

Me: What ever I can find to eat

Him: So I can’t take you for lunch today?

Me: NOPE it is already lunch time, I have plans

Him: Can I take you for Dinner or something later?

Me: I have plans for later

Him: Okay then… when can we hang out then?

Me: Do you have your calendar next to you?

Him: (a bit apprehensive) yes

Me: Mark this date.. February 26, 2015.


Me: Yup

Him: Dee cut the crap I am outside, just wanted to say hi since I was passing by

Me: Outside who’s office?

Him: YOUR office silly

Me: I don’t work there anymore (sounding annoyed and rolling my eyes)

Him: Like seriously Donna? Wasn’t I just here on Friday dropping off the contracts for you to sign? DONNA

Me: yup

Him: You’re such a pain in the ass

Me: I know, give me a few I am coming outside in a minute (putting on more lips stick)

Him: Just kidding I am not outside I am still in my office

ME: NOW YOU’RE SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS, i just redid my lips for no reason.

Him: Takes one to know the other (laughing uncontrollably)

Me: (WOO sah)

Him: What time will you be ready to go for lunch? (still laughing)

Me: (woo Sah) I AM NOT HUNGRY

Him: Pick you up in 30 Min

Me: (woo sah)

Him: see you in a few (still laughing)

Me: (woo sah)

Sometimes we are not in a good mood and we decide to treat people in tht manner. These are not the people who caused us the feel the way we do in the first place yet they are the ones we treat that way. Today i got a dose of my own medicine because i was been difficult with a friend and he really did not deserve it. In the end, i ended up being the one who was getting upset and for no reason. It really makes life a lot easier when you have people around you who understands you and will be patient with you when you are in a "not so good mood at work" and as complex as i can be at time it feels good to have such persons in my corner ready to pull me out....

Where did the weekend go?

(Woo sah) lol