I Woke Up Like This!

How did you wake up Dee?

Well let’s just say I woke up In another country perhaps. Yes I woke up surrounded by beautiful lush greenery, well-kept garden beds, a nice patio that connected to the ocean and a small plunge pool outside my bedroom.

I just wiggled my toes as my partner planted soft kisses on my cheek. How lucky am I. I forced my eyes to remain closed as I allowed my thoughts to wander. My nostril took in the freshness of the morning air and I inhaled and exhaled.

Minutes passed and I just didn't want to move, eyes still closed I began to smile and slowly pulled the sheet above my head. Something was cooking and I began to sniff. Oh it must be our gourmet chef preparing our breakfast. How lucky am I….

"Mommy wake up we are late"

A familiar voice disturbed my thoughts and I guessed it must be time to head to the beach. I smiled, still relaxed and cozy.

"MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY I am going to be late for school get up!"

School? oh she must be heading down to the docks to swim with the dolphins that come by for an early morning meal.

Back to my thoughts....

Slap slap on my thigh now almost crying

"Mommy please wake up, there is traffic on the road already"

I jumped out of bed. I felt out of place, no lush green garden, no Palm trees blowing in the wind and certainly no patio leading out to the ocean. I felt lost as I was caught between reality and a dream, a dream that felt so real.

It took me minutes to gather my thoughts. For the time I was lost in my own dream I was able to get the relaxation I needed to help push me over the remainder of the week. I NEEDED THAT BREAK and my thoughts took over and gave me one.

Now off to work I now have another plan to make another dream become a reality. I am so looking forward to retirement therefore I am going to put in some extra work to ensure that my retirement will be exactly what I dreamed.