If you could take it back, cry you a river of tears

What you need to understand is that if your partner is not doing well in life, they know it, and they know that the whole world knows it; hello, and most significantly, that in their hearts they know that they have not measured up to your expectations of success.



 So obviously, the pine box is out for viewing, but the final nail goes into this coffin when you actually verbalize to your struggling partner exactly what you think of them, by inadvertently uttering denigrating and cutting words to the effect that they are a ‘worthless good for nothing loser and implying that you could do much better with someone else’ Thus, boundaries are now broken and part of the road has suffered a landslide.







That said, make sure that before you hammer this last nail and shut tight the dead box for good, be not be oblivious of the ghosts of those venomous words coming back to haunt and that the Phoenix ascents from the ashes!



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