You can do a 180 degrees of separation





Do you think I am……. the word I am looking for has evaded me at the moment. Anyway, make a list and find ten good people that you would want to be at your funeral.






It’s only a pity that the dead can’t raise themselves out of the coffin and spit in the faces of the pucking hypocrites. As to the let down artists that your loser kids have turned out to be, if tolerance were not a virtue, then it would a permanent psychological memoriam.





Don’t even get me started on the many times that you’ve watched the murder channel and thought about how to make your dead beat significant other virtually disappear for the life insurance money.







If only you were not such a pucking coward at best; and even more pucking bad lucky at worst, yeah, the one to get caught.














If you think this is cynicism, then just wait until your relationships died; hopes dashed; beliefs disillusioned and one day when your cup runneth over, you will say, “puck it all” and do something way out of character for YOU and only YOU.
















Maybe you will get into that proverbial car and with the wind in your hair; you drive and never look back.  And you think to yourself, “God forgive me, but why is this act of selfishness?




Pictures taken  of the Mongolian Terrain




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